It's.... ALIVE!

School started up a week early this semester, so I still really didn't get a chance to recover from last semester. But I'm only taking 12 hours this term. Whew! I need the break.

Finally saw my doctor and got new drugs. The old Rx was costing too much and I burned thru my yearly Rx deductible in June. The pills seem to be taking effect, so who knows, I might even post more. (More amazingly, I *might* even get the Xmas tree taken down.)

Money situation is not good, and the cats are making it worse. First, Rudy got sick right around New Year. Bladder crystals. Shit. The *financially responsible* thing to do would have been to put him to sleep, but... I just couldn't. Ka-CHING! (Big Ka-ching.) Then he scratched most of the fur off his head and completely defoliated his back and shoulder area. BUT.... every time I grab him from outside (and he's been very wary of me since the bladder crystal incident, when I kept him inside for 2 weeks) he escapes. I finally managed to hold on to him and get a vet appt. Then I notice that Phoebe has not moved from my bed for well over 24 hours. Food untouched. Turned her nose up at catnip. Something is definitely wrong. So BOTH of them go to vet. Turned out Phoebe had a 104 temp (undetermined origin, everything else checked out fine.) Rudy looked so bad the doc thought he had mange, but no, apparently it was just allergies. Great. Tests on both of them, medicinal bath, steroids, antibiotics and then liquid antibiotics for both. Ka-CHING! Ouch.

Speaking of cats having to go to the dr, my own body has decided to fall apart, too. To wit, both molars with 20 yo root canals had catastrophic failures. One just... shattered. The other abscessed and the infection went into my jaw, sinus, ear, etc. Not fun. Come to think of it, *something* in this house has been on antibiotics for nearly the whole year so far. Jeez.

School's fine. Having a poetry workshop and a fiction workshop same semester is exactly as horrifying as I thought it would be (which is why I only took 12 hours.) Oh, and I'm now the VP at large for our Sigma Tau Delta chapter (English honors society). Woo! I'm sending stuff out to poetry and fiction contests and to publications, but no good news yet.

And I know that groundhog saw his shadow, but it sure feels like we're getting an early spring to me.

So how are y'all?

The last crazy rollercoaster drop

The Thanksgiving break came at the perfect time. I went from getting about four hours of sleep a night -- when I got any sleep at all, mind you -- to sleeping like eight to TEN hours a night. Or day. Or whatever. In any case, I caught up on some sleep debt.

A few items:

Thanksgiving: I allowed myself almost two whole days where I didn't do any school work AT ALL. It was quite the luxury. My mom went to a neighbor's for Thanksgiving -- it's a guy she's sort of obsessed with, so I just rolled my eyes and shrugged about it -- so I ended up sleeping and doing a bit of cleaning most of the day, then had a small dinner with friends in the evening.

Black Friday: I got up at 5:30 am on Friday and actually went to Walmart and then to Michaels. At Walmart I scored the $28 Bissel EasyVac and OMG IT'S FUCKING WONDERFUL! I've needed a new vac for quite some time. The old one -- a German model my mom brought home from Berlin -- just wasn't cutting it anymore, as evidenced by the THREE WHOLE CANNISTERS of dust and crap the new vac sucked out of the living room alone. Whee! I might get the house clean -- well, presentable -- for Xmas this year! At Michaels I got various kinds of glitter and beads and finished up my ornaments for the annual exchange next week. Go me! Ahead of schedule for once!

Donate or Yard Sale? I have way way way too much stuff. I was planning to just donate but the 'donation' boxes keep proliferating and I'm starting to think that between the crafts, the clothes, the appliances and the old exercise equipment, I *might* actually have a reasonable yard sale lying about. However... they take time, organization, and space to keep the stuff, so... I dunno. I keep meaning to list some stuff on ebay, so maybe I'll see how that goes first. Of course, that takes a bit of time and organization as well. Sigh.

School: Last week of classes. I just finished the 3-page outline for my 10 page Classical Myth/Lit paper (due Dec 15th). I have to go to a poetry reading tomorrow at UTSA downtown and write a response paper to it (because I have to have attended 2 outside literary events to get an A in my Advanced Fiction class, and so far I have only one.) I have 5 story critiques and 2 story revisions (and said response papers) due on Thursday, after which I'm done with Adv Fiction. (Until next semester, because my prof tempted me into taking it again. *headdesk*) And then I have until Dec 11th to write and finish the 20 page Senior Seminar paper for my Arthurian Lit class. So I should probably stop reading the 100 pages of articles I printed out and figure out what topic I'm going to write it on, shouldn't I???? Yeah.

Fall Color:

Since S brought up fall color out at Dos Chicas, I thought I'd toss a couple of photos in. I took an afternoon off from my usual frenzy of writing and reading and drove out to Lost Maples a couple of weeks back. I got there too late to really hike around but did manage to see some nice color. The trails are so neat out there it would be worth going even when the trees aren't lit up. Still, it was nice to see red and yellow leaves.

I'll post more of these later, or figure out where I can upload them so you can see all of them.

Hmm, looks like I'm back to the 4 hours of sleep mode since I have to get up in... four hours. In that case, TTFN.

Exultation. Look it up, Dubya.

After watching Barak Obama's acceptance speech, I have tears in my eyes.

Is it because of this night's historic nature? Is it because for the first time in my voting life (since 1980) I really feel some flicker of hope? Is it because his acceptance speech contained the message I have been waiting to hear from our president since the 9/11 attack? That we need to come together, and that it might require some sacrifice on our part?

Well, yes. But there's something else; something that, if not more important, is at least as near and dear to my heart.


After eight horrific years of George W. Bush's unmitigated abuse of our language -- see 'uninalienable', 'nuk-u-lar', 'decider' and the previously innocent term 'accomplished' -- the torture will finally end.

As an American, a woman, a writer and an English Major, I weep unabashed tears of joy.

Thank you, God, that I have lived to see this day.
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OMG! Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Neil Patrick Harris + Nathan Fillion + Joss Whedon = Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Honestly. Do I really have to say anything more than that?

Go watch it here:

ETA: Here's a bit more info on what this is from a review at

The first installment of Joss Whedon’s low-budget online video Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog just went up, and it’s as thoroughly charming as we hoped! The musical series follows Dr. Horrible, a low-level costumed villain, as he attempts to win entry into the Evil League of Evil, defeat Captain Hammer, and win the love of that cute girl at the laundromat — video-blogging all the while....

The series freely borrows from any number of revisionist superhero comedies, from The Venture Bros. to Austin Grossman’s Soon I Will Be Invincible, but its winning performances and snappy dialogue mark it as a Whedon production through and through. Though it has better production values than your typical Web video, it still looks pleasantly cheesy. And the songs are just as cute — and as half-baked — as you’d expect from the guy who wrote the Buffy musical episode....

The series runs all week and disappears on Sunday night.

So, get it while it's hot, folks!
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Summer School... bleah!

I don't know whether it's just that I am culturally programmed to think of Summer School as a punishment, but it has been an absolute slog. I scraped an A in Sociology -- and how glad I am to be out of that class -- and I have an A in Art History, even though I must drag my ass in for one more class tomorrow. Presentations, class portfolio grading, and even a quiz. The sociology teacher let us take the final early so we didn't have to return after the holiday. The art history teacher is a pint-sized sadist. Still, it's 6 more hours of As I didn't have before.

Other cool news: I got contacted by Dos Gatos Press for permission to reprint my poem from the 2004 Texas Poetry Calendar in an anthology they're doing. Wheee! Another publication to put on my CV and I didn't even have to try. So...yay!

Speaking of poetry, I need to write more, but haven't been doing the free writing exercises necessary to provide the fodder. Anyone in town interested in getting together maybe every other week during summer to chill out and write? The patio at Candlelight has been awfully nice of late.

I've been "vacationing" (house/pet sitting) at Will and Nate's place, and have probably seen more cable TV in the last week than I have all year. And now I'm freaking addicted to Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew. Which is odd, because I'm not really into hip-hop, but gawd the things those guys (and girls) can do is pretty riveting. And listening to the judges... is a trip. Typical viewer convos go like this: "Ok... so 'whack' is bad, but 'sick' is good?" "Right." "OK." Nice to keep up on pop culture.

Nice Evening

I stayed at school really late to work on a project, then didn't really want to go home, so I'm now cooling my heels in the courtyard at Candlelight Coffee House. The fountains are playing, the purple water lilies are blooming, and despite it being hot as blazes during the day, it's incredibly pleasant out here. Gentle breeze, lots of trees, sky still light but the sun not beating down... it makes a difference. I've been nursing a pear cider for about an hour now and am pondering story ideas to work on.

This is such a cool place. I need to hang out here more often.

For your ellucidation and entertainment... The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys

This is one of those things that when you find it, you just have to share.

Some of these items you'll likely have seen before. Some of these things I can almost guarantee you haven't. And some of them you won't be able to UN-see.

Fair warning.

Which I know you will not heed, but I still consider myself absolved of responsibility.

Oh, you know you wanna see the Area 51 Love Doll...

Badgers Can't Be Choosers ("The joke stays, you fuckers")

Just got back from the Eddie Izzard show. It lasted two hours and I laughed so hard I cried all my makeup off. It's like "Dress To Kill" Round II: Eddie Takes On Religion.

We had front row tickets. He was only about 10-12 feet away most of the time, and he has the most OMG GORGEOUS blue eyes. No sparkly transvestite stuff tonight. Jeans, black t-shirt and cut-away tailcoat with a red satin lining. And eyeliner.

I have to drive home from Austin now, but will try to post later with some tidbits. A lot of it was physical humor, tho so you'll just have to wait for the DVD. (The guy just really likes to make sounds into the microphone.) Some bookmarks: Bayeux Tapestry Papparazzi; My Leg Hurts -- Here, Have Some Chickens; Why Latin Is A Stupid Language and Elephants Are Like Squirrels on Toasters; The Trout Riff Tangent; Godspeed, Little Fly!

The guy has turned ADHD into an art. I worship him. I would have the frayed hem of his jeans if he'd gotten close enough, I really would have.

Saw Deborah and Liz there, so that was way cool.

He's going to Houston next. Houston folks, if you can get tickets, YOU REALLY REALLY SHOULD. Honest to God, it's like he walked off stage from "Dressed to Kill", took a nap, lost 20 lbs, and then came back out for Act II.

I will be really interested to see the DVD of this tour, because I think there were at least two places where he went off on complete and total tangents, and I'm wondering if they'll get included.

Alas, I must now drive two hours home as I have a test and a report due at school tomorrow. But OMG it was worth it.

Yes, you may hate me. If I hadn't gone, I'd hate me, too.
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